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Forum Question: “I’ve read on other posts that some women can name many things that hurt more than childbirth. Help us first time moms get rid of our fears by posting some of those things so we can put it all in perspective.”

Actual Answers Posted by Users:

"Recurrent corneal erosions."

"Nothing… LOL."

"Last year the doctor was trying to forcefully bend my knee (it is a procedure called manipulation) because I had a lot of scar tissue and the knee did not bend past 90 degrees after a previous surgery. He accidentally broke my femur."

"Anal fissures."

"Can someone compare it to stepping on a Lego?"

On the Subject of Oliver’s Birth

No one can really prepare you for witnessing childbirth. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it would be like going in, but it wasn’t even close. We never even considered that Stacey might need to be induced, so we were completely surprised by the initial 24 hours of unproductive-but-painful contractions associated with the medication used in induction, and the long two days of waiting in the hospital to deliver our son.

Thankfully, our hospital was top-notch and the accommodations were beyond comfortable. But when that pushing started, I’ll tell you, it was like being in a different world. In our case the pushing lasted a while (nearly four hours), and it was as if we were in a time warp. It started to feel as though that was our new life. Being there, in that hospital room, so close to being done but not quite there yet. And then Oliver was finally born and this huge wave of relief passed over me. Looking at him for the first time was a mixture of confusion and joy and fear and happiness.

We didn’t get a lot of sleep the first night (or the second), but we’ve settled into a decent routine and having this kid around is a blast. I’m so excited to watch him grow and see who he becomes. The whole pregnancy experience from beginning to end was life-changing in more ways than one. I highly recommend it.

AnonymousAnonymous asked:
Why haven't you posted a baby picture yet?

Because there’s no baby yet! This stubborn little jerk decided to inherit the procrastination gene from us and he’s refusing to come out on time. We’re approaching 41 weeks, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to come out without a little help from our Doctor friends. We’ll see.

Believe you me, this place will turn into an obnoxious photo album the moment he’s born.