Adobe CS Crash Reports — Photoshop crashes so frequently please god make it stop.

The Tools We Use at Karbon — A list of all the Mac OS X and web applications we use at Karbon to get our work done.

Prettify* — Nice icons and wallpapers for the discerning individual, collected and curated.

That Isn’t Art — People post ridiculous “art” to Tumblr. I reblog them and call them out for being stupid.

Forever’s Not So Long — An award-winning short film about life, love and the end of the world.

Ego for iOS — Ego gives you one central—and lovely—location to check web statistics that matter to you. Supports both iPhone and iPad.

Maniacal Rage TV & Podcast — We used to have a video sketch show and an audio podcast. They were fun to make, and people seemed to love them.