AnonymousAnonymous asked:
I've been stalking you on the webernets for quite a bit now. So, I have to ask: what's your food situation? Do you cook? Are you a vegetarian? Meatatarian? Do you crush bags of Funyuns while you're cranking out a point release for Ego?

These days I eat a 75% gluten-free diet (mostly because Stacey is gluten-free), but I don’t put many restrictions on myself other than trying to keep carbohydrate intake low. I spent most of my 20s eating turkey sandwiches and four bowls of cereal per day, which isn’t exactly a healthy lifestyle. These days it’s more protein, fewer carbs, and (sometimes) exercise.

We don’t cook a whole lot (we’re mostly small meal eaters and scavengers day-to-day), but when Oliver gets a bit older that will probably change. I’d love to be a good cook, I just haven’t put nearly enough effort into it. I’m excited having a child might give me an excuse to change that.