Can someone explain to me how it’s legal for this Virgin Mobile commercial to straight-up lie on screen and tell the truth in fine print at the same time? This commercial claims throughout (and in fact it’s the entire pitch) that data is unlimited and yet it continuously shows clarifies with fine print at the bottom of the screen that data is actually only 2.5GB per month (pretty damn far from unlimited).

Are advertisers allowed to claim whatever they want if they explain the reality with fine print? Could Virgin Mobile make a whole commercial based around “unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited data, $5 a month, free iPhone” and then put “10 minutes, 2 texts, 1GB, $49 a month, iPhone actually costs $499”? How far can this go? Why is this allowed at all?

Update (11am): Turns out Virgin Mobile give you 2.5GB of bandwidth at 4G speed and then throttles you to 2G speed from there on out to unlimited. So this isn’t technically a lie. But it’s insanely misleading and people probably won’t realize until after they sign a contract.

Scratch version 2.1 features a brand-new custom export sheet! Say goodbye to the plain action sheet and hello to a completely custom export experience with a bunch of new features:

  • “Inactive” exports won’t show by default but can be revealed by pulling up on the export sheet. (You can also hide exports you never want to see.)
  • Delete a note directly from the export sheet by tapping the trash icon.
  • Jump to settings from the export sheet to quickly customize your export options.
  • Exports now show their icons for quicker visual recognition.

Exporting is a core feature of Scratch and we’ve been working hard to get this new workflow just right. We’d love your feedback and hope you find it as useful as we do. Go get it!

As always, find us on Twitter @ScratchByKarbon and please take a moment to rate the app. Thanks for your support!

The Floor is a Puddle

Stacey: In your message, did you mean to write, "The window, he leaked water everywhere"?
Me: No.
Stacey: I thought you were writing it like a Russian guy speaking poor English would say it. "The window—he leaked!"

How to Install Windows 8.1 on a New Mac Pro

If you’re like me (a glutton for punishment who wants to play a few PC-only games), you might want to install Windows 8.1 on your shiny new Mac Pro. If you’re like me, you own a license for Windows 7 and you bought a new license for Windows 8.1. If you’re like me, that means you can’t install Windows 8.1 via Boot Camp because Boot Camp only supports Windows ISO images of Windows 8 or higher, but when you purchase a download copy of Windows 8.1 you actually receive an EXE that contains a shell installer for the OS. Therefore you have no ISO and Boot Camp tells you to go to hell.

Well, since you’re like me, here’s how I solved it and maybe you can follow these instructions too and end up with a copy of Windows 8.1 and most of your sanity (that is, until you start using Windows 8.1 and then good luck).

It should be noted: If you own Windows 8 (not 8.1) you can install using that ISO and it will work fine. If you have the DVD installation disk for Windows 8.1, you can generate an ISO from that and it will work fine. This guide is for people who own the download version of Windows 8.1 only. Owning Windows 7 is optional, though it will help with step 1 below. Boot Camp on the new Mac Pro will not let you install Windows 7 directly, however, and purchasing Windows 8.1 will not give you an ISO.

Before you do this, make a full backup of your computer. You’re going to be live partitioning, you never know what might go wrong.

Here’s how you make this all work:

  1. First, you’ll need to have Windows (7, 8 or 8.1) installed somewhere else. This is a very annoying step 1, but unfortunately it’s a requirement. The reason is that you’ll need to use an existing install of Windows to generate a Windows 8.1 ISO image. Microsoft does not provide this directly through purchase. If you own Windows 7, you can install that into Parallels or VMWare temporarily somewhere (or even on your Mac Pro). If you don’t own a copy of Windows 7, you’ll either need to buy one or use someone else’s computer for the next step, sadly.
  2. If you haven’t already, buy Windows 8.1 from the Microsoft Store, in download form. (Or, avoid this whole thing and buy the DVD version and then just wait for that to arrive in the mail and make an ISO of it, but you’re probably impatient like I am and it’s 2AM and you just want this to happen now so keep reading).
  3. On your existing Windows machine, open the WindowsSetupBox.exe application that you downloaded from Microsoft. Wait for it to do things. When it gets to the part about asking you what it should do, you want to choose “Install by creating media”, then ISO file. This will create an ISO of the Windows 8.1 installer. When it’s done, copy it over to your Mac Pro.
  4. Find an external USB drive. Preferably USB 3.0 since that will save you time. I’d suggest the WD My Passport Ultra 1TB USB 3 drive. It’s fast, light and tiny and when you’re done installing Windows you can use it as a backup drive (you do regular backups, right?).
  5. Critical Step: Eject and disconnect all other hard drives from your system. Thunderbolt, USB, anything. This includes, say, an iMac in Target Display Mode. If you do not do this, you will get an error when trying to install Windows. This is a known issue.
  6. Open the Boot Camp Assistant. Go through all the steps. It will ask you for that Windows 8.1 ISO you created and for the external drive you want to use. It will then format the drive, do all that nonsense, and then ask you to partition. Try not to poop your pants while OS X live partitions your drive.
  7. When it’s done, you’ll restart and enter the Windows 8.1 installer. Enter your product key and select languages. When you’re asked which type of install you want, choose “Custom”.
  8. You’ll be presented with a list of partitions. Find the one called “BOOTCAMP”. Do not touch any other partition in this list. Take note of the size of this partition so you’ll be able to identify it later without the word “BOOTCAMP”. Select the “BOOTCAMP” partition and click “format”. When it’s done, find that same partition in the list (it will no longer be titled “BOOTCAMP”, this is why you should have noted the size). Select it and click “Next”. Windows 8.1 will install.
  9. When Windows 8.1 is done installing, open Windows Explorer and browse into the WININSTALL external drive and find the Boot Camp assistant software and install it, restart when complete.

You’ve got Windows 8.1 installed on your new Mac Pro. Make sure you turn on all the anti-virus and malware stuff, since Windows is a pit of awful. And you might want to invert the scrolling direction so it matches OS X.