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How do I transfer xPad to Mavericks? When I try to copy xPad from SL to mavericks all I get is the app but none of the documents that were in it.

xPad contents are found in ~/Application Support/xPad/. Copy that over to the new Mac.

AnonymousAnonymous asked:
Why did you choose Safari over Chrome? (This is a serious question as I consider you perfectly chiseled and sculpted from a Greek god himself with immaculate thought and consideration put into every decision. Thanks.)

I started using Safari before Chrome existed and over the years I’ve grown to like its idiosyncracies (like the bookmarks bar not having favicons, the constantly visible status bar, etc) and the general look of its rendering. Chrome is very nice, and I use it for several work purposes (and all Flash viewing) but it doesn’t feel nearly as polished to me.

Perhaps I’m also used to being able to hit ⌘1-4 to get to my most used bookmarks and Chrome doesn’t have that feature.

When I set up my Mac Pro I completely forgot Safari in 10.9 disables the delete key as a back button, which breaks my brain because I have over a decade of muscle memory using it that way in various browsers. If you’re crazy like me and want to bring it back (pun!) (added line breaks here for readability):

defaults write \\
WebKit2BackspaceKeyNavigationEnabled -bool YES

Melanie C

Bill: This is the Melanie C song I like:
Me: Wait, this is Melanie C!!!! I thought you said B!!!!!!!
Me: I don’t know, can I listen to Sporty Spice when I was prepared for Scary Spice???
bigbadbigbad asked:
Any chance that Prettify will come back to life? I still go to it reflexively when I'm looking for new backgrounds!

The reason I stopped updating Prettify was that it became harder and harder to find quality wallpapers in light of the Retina transition. I might be insane (and I probably am), but it feels like the wallpaper community sort of dried up over the past few years. And everything I liked seemed to have a max resolution that was too small to look sharp on modern displays. Perhaps this has changed and I should reconsider.

Ironically, Prettify itself also needs a major facelift since it’s definitely sporting a pre-retina design. Damn it, now you’ve got me excited about bringing it back.

We use a Brita system here in the house and every time I pull out a new filter I cringe at all the plastic and garbage it creates. Soma uses a completely biodegradable filter and delivers filters to your door every 60 days (solving another problem of having to shop for Brita filters).

On top of this, Soma provides a glass carafe which looks nicer and has no plastic chemicals or BPA issues (even though Brita pitchers and filters are BPA-free, I still prefer avoiding hard plastics where possible). It’s also dishwasher safe which is a nice bonus (having to occasionally clean the Brita filter by hand is a pain in the ass). The last thing I need is more stuff to wash by hand.

Ordered one and I’m going to give this thing a shot at replacing the Brita. (Note: The link in this post contains a referral code that gives you $10 off and should give me $10 off future filter orders, though it’s not clear if this is a unique code or a generic one.)

CNN wants to show the scale of the search area for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which makes sense. For Americans, comparing it to the size of the US also makes sense. But there are two ways to do this comparison: The right way, and the fear-inducing, typical-media-bullshit way CNN chose by making the search area instead look like a huge target. This is a size comparison but on first glance it appears CNN is alleging the US could be the target of the plane. This is bullshit and totally normal for CNN.